How To Manage Stress

How To Manage Stress

Something we all have in common is stress. But how we manage stress can look different for everyone. 

Tips and Tricks on How I Manage Stress During the Pandemic:

These are ways that I manage stress, and I am sharing it with you in hopes that these strategies will work for you, too.

  1. Follow social media influencers who inspire you and share the same values as you. During the pandemic, I found three influencers who kept me sane, and who helped me stay positive during a challenging and unsettling time. These influencers share their personal growth in their health, and post their experiences with food, mental health, and physical health. These three elements, food, mental health, and physical health are all stressors that I, too am experiencing during this pandemic. At the start of lock down, I was experiencing intrusive thoughts that were causing me to feel anxious and overwhelmed.  So, how did I solve this problem? Well, I didn’t quite solve it, but I did find ways to manage and take control over these intrusive thoughts. You see, for me at least, it’s not about permanently erasing my intrusive thoughts, because realistically, they will always come floating back to the forefront of my mind. But, what I can control, is how I think about myself on a daily basis, and in doing so, I can limit the amounts of intrusive attacks. By following influencers who also share their stories, their achievements, and even their struggles with mental health and body image, I found a sense of unity, a feeling of I’m not alone, or togetherness that helped me form better daily habits and thoughts about myself. A tip I learned from @mikzazon’s instagram account was that she uses the phrase, “1, 2, 3…GO!” whenever she feels anxious about doing a task, or before going somewhere. This has been a resourceful tip to use throughout my day because that’s it, I just have 1, 2, 3 seconds to go go go! It helps me to not think about what I am actually anxious about, but rather, it allows me to just focus on doing the task itself. Another tip I found helpful was by @leahitstine’s instagram account, where she openly admits she just sometimes takes a minute to have a power cry! YUP! That’s right, it’s completely FINE to let yourself release your stress though a quick power cry. And, let me tell you, once I’m done, I feel empowered in that moment and in control of my emotions again. Leah also offers great advice on balanced, and realistic eating, which can be followed using her B.A.R.E. guide Her recipes and passion for food inspired me to re-take control of my diet and healthy eating habits. Lastly, @marillewellyn’s instagram page is full of exercises that can be done from home, and her at-home guides were a must have for me! They were simple and easy to follow, and I saw results within the first two weeks. I also became a huge fan of her second company, Bloom Nutrition, and I purchased a few protein powders and other supplements to add to my daily routine. 
  2. 5 senses meditation, or 5-4-3-2-1 Exercise. 5 things you notice in the room 4 things you can feel (such as your shirt on your skin, the chair you are sitting on, the breeze from a fan, your feet on the floor, etc.) 3 things you can hear 2 things you like the smell of 1 thing you like the taste of OR 1 good feeling you have about yourself. I use this exercise whenever I have too many task menus opened in my mind, I feel overwhelmed, and my brain feels chaotic. What works best for me is stopping whatever I am doing (within reason), and taking a moment to go through these 5 meditation steps. By doing so, I am essentially knocking away all those pestering tasks that are making me feel so overwhelmed and replacing those intrusive thoughts with better thoughts that will help me calm down. So, next time you feel a similar way, where you have too many thoughts clouding your mind, try the 5-4-3-2-1 Exercise!
  3. Bullet journaling was something I turned to at the very start of the pandemic. I’m not quite sure why I turned to this, maybe Pinterest inspired me to try it, but it ended up being a relaxing activity to do during the day. I used my bullet journal to brainstorm goals, track my mood, to jot down ideas or feelings, and I also made it my recipe book! By doing this, I was able to visually see my progress, and I knew that I could refer back to the journal to remind myself of what works best for me. 
  4. Go for a nature walk. I am fortunate enough to live near a ton of parks, so my options feel limitless! Just the sole act of stepping outside and feeling the temperature of the air, or seeing the sun instantaneously increases my mood. My favorite form of exercise is walking because I can get my steps in for the day while also reflecting on my day as I absorb the beautiful elements of nature.
  5. Share your thoughts with a friend or partner. Truthfully, I have to verbally let out my frustration to a friend or to my boyfriend in order to feel less stressed about something. By addressing my stress and sharing it out loud with someone else, it helps me figure what I need to do to be less stressed. Also, sometimes I just can’t see the other side of my stress, and I need that emotional support and push from my loved ones. I encourage you to find that one person to go to when you are stressed, and just see what ideas flow from that one conversation. Maybe, you will come  up with your own stress management techniques!


Going outside and spending time with nature always helps me de-stress too! Great tips. Might even try bullet journaling!

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